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Guide to Transitioning from MCAs to Reverse Consolidation

ISO/brokers, elevate your merchants' financial stability by transitioning from MCAs to Reverse Consolidation Funding Solutions


In today’s competitive market, ISO/brokers must continuously seek innovative financial solutions to support their merchants. One of the most transformative shifts you can facilitate for your merchants is transitioning from high-interest Merchant Cash Advances to Nexi’s Reverse Consolidation Funding Solutions. This guide explores the benefits and process of making this crucial change.

Ready to revolutionize your merchants’ financial future? Here’s the game-changer: transitioning from MCAs to Nexi’s Reverse Consolidation funding solution.

🔄 Perfect Timing for Transition When your merchants juggle multiple MCAs and cash flow squeeze, it’s the ideal moment to make the switch. Reverse Consolidation offers a way out of the cycle of high-interest advances and fragmented payments, providing a more manageable and sustainable financial solution.

Why Choose Nexi’s Reverse Consolidation Funding Solutions?

  • Streamlined Repayments: Instead of handling multiple payments with varying terms and rates, your merchants can benefit from a single, predictable repayment plan.
  • Lower Costs: Nexi’s Reverse Consolidation funding typically comes with lower overall costs than the compounded interest rates of multiple MCAs.
  • Enhanced Financial Stability: By reducing the financial strain and simplifying the repayment process, your merchants can achieve greater stability and focus on growing their business.
  • Lower Regular Repayments by up to 50%: Benefit from reduced regular payments by up to 50%, with flexible daily or weekly payment options.
  • Weekly Deposits from Nexi: Ensure consistent cash flow with weekly deposits.

🚀 Make the Move with Nexi Whether you’re just starting out or a veteran ISO/broker, Nexi is here to support you every step of the way. Our expert ISO representatives will guide you through the transition, offering tailored strategies and insights to ensure a smooth and successful shift. Empower your merchants with smarter financial solutions and watch them thrive.

🔓 Unlock Opportunities with Nexi With Nexi’s backing, you can offer your merchants the best in financial innovation, paving the way for sustainable success. Our unparalleled support and expertise will transform your merchants’ success stories, making you an invaluable partner in their growth journey.

Success Story:

Recently, an energy company secured $678,000 through Nexi’s Reverse Consolidation funding. This move not only streamlined their repayments but also significantly reduced their financial burden. 

Why Nexi?

Lightning-Fast Offers: With our rapid turnaround time, you can expect to receive offers in under an hour.

Streamlined Closing Process: Less hassle and more focus. Significantly reduced closing stipulations with three easy steps:

  1. Bank Verification
  2. Balance Confirmation
  3. Proof of Receivables

Rapid Commission Payouts: Commission payout is made within 24 hours of funding.

Empower your merchants’ success with Nexi’s innovative financial solutions and help them thrive!

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