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Reverse Consolidation

Are multiple MCA repayments putting a constant financial strain on your small business?

You may find relief in a reverse consolidation program. Essentially a savings vehicle, this flexible financing tool extends the time required to repay your multiple merchant cash advances—helping free up your cash flow on a more regular basis.

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What is a Reverse Consolidation?

Reduce your MCA repayments

Managing multiple cash advances can be incredibly challenging on a small business’ cash flow, especially when a significant portion of their monthly profits must go toward repayments. However, a reverse consolidation can help lessen that ongoing financial strain.

Under a reverse consolidation, multiple MCAs are combined into a single savings program. The lender provides a weekly sum to the small business, which is then used to repay the MCAs. Compared to what they would have paid out-of-pocket, small businesses can enjoy lower weekly repayments by as much as 50 percent.

In essence, a reverse consolidation enables smaller repayments over a longer repayment period. The impact is an immediate increase in net cash each week—savings that can go directly back into the small business’ own resources.

How Does a Reverse Consolidation Work?

Get approved today for a reverse consolidation (RC) with an alternative financing firm like Nexi.
Here’s what you can generally expect:
  1. Multiple MCAs are combined under one RC program

  2. Receive a weekly deposit (aka disbursement) from Nexi

  3. Use the weekly disbursement to repay the MCA lenders

  4. Repay Nexi a new lower daily or weekly payment

  5. Continue receiving weekly disbursements until all MCAs are paid in full 

  6. Finish paying off Nexi’s single payment

Benefits of a Reverse Consolidation for Small Business Owners

More access to cash, improved cash flow

If your business has multiple merchant cash advances to repay on a regular basis, you can quickly, and frequently become strapped for cash. This is especially true when sales aren’t performing as well as expected. But with a reverse consolidation, you can more easily settle outstanding MCAs while maintaining a healthy flow of capital across your operations.

“Buy” yourself more time

With a reverse consolidation, your MCAs are not eliminated—you will still have to pay off the full amount on them, but by lengthening your overall repayment term, a reverse consolidation provides a bit more breathing room, and more time to pay your MCAs in full, versus the original repayment timeline.

Significantly decrease your weekly repayments

A small business with outstanding debts to multiple MCAs must regularly make separate payments to ensure each advance is paid back on time. By seeking a reverse consolidation, you can stretch out those repayments—and consequently, pay less per week—while still working towards satisfying the full debt amount over time.

Improve business credit

Reverse consolidation allows businesses to significantly improve their credit rating if they can make timely payments and successfully pay off their financing. Plus, after paying off your MCAs in full, Nexi can offer business capital at preferential rates.

Achieve greater financial management

No more struggling, no more stress, and no more overextending your business finances. With a reverse consolidation, you can count on having the funds you need each week to repay your MCAs. This more manageable approach to repayments allows your business to get into a better place financially for day-to-day operations, as well as for paying off debt.

Reverse Consolidation Terms & Qualifications

  • Borrow up to $5M

  • Factor rates as low as 1.30

  • Application approval within 24 hours 

  • Receive funding within 24 hours of approval

  • Term period up to 20 months

PLUS no collateral or personal guarantee needed

To qualify for a line of credit with Nexi, small businesses must have:

  • At least 1 year in business
  • $100,000 in annual revenue

Apply for a Nexi Reverse Consolidation Today

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  • Receive approval within 24 hours (often as little as 3-4 hours).
  • Submit documentation, as requested by Nexi.
  • Receive direct deposit from Nexi.