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Supercharge Your Small Business Within 24 Hours​

Stop settling for mediocre alternative financing options—starting today

Flexible. Hassle-free. And easily accessible. When you partner with Nexi, you’re gearing up your small business for high performance. That’s because our customized financing solutions are all about maximizing at-your-fingertips capital—empowering merchants to reach the ultimate finish line.

Even better? Unlike most other lenders, our approvals are fast. As in, really fast. In most situations, small business owners receive the cash they need within 24 hours of their application.

Our commitment is to ensure your growth dreams become a reality, and partnering with us can help get you on the right track. So get ready to take it up a notch—and accelerate your way to success with Nexi!

How can we help you? Check out our quality funding solutions for small businesses below:

Revenue-Based Financing

Business going well—but still can’t secure fast funding? Receive a merchant cash advance of up to $500,000 based on future sales. Benefit from flexible financing without having to put any collateral on the line.

Reverse Consolidation

Convert multiple merchant cash advances into a single savings program. Enjoy lower weekly repayments by as much as 50%, immediately increasing access to net cash.

Invoice Factoring / Factoring

No more waiting on customer payments. No more chasing clients. And no need to take on debt to get paid faster. Ensure a more predictable cash flow by receiving an immediate advance on already-earned money.

Line of Credit

Enjoy anytime-access to a cash reserve—not to mention the breathing room that comes with it. Borrow up to $150,000 for any business expense and only pay interest on the amount used. Plus, no surprise fees.