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Truly Exceptional Funding Experiences

Are you an ISO/broker looking for an alternative lending partner that prioritizes and cares about your success? Look no further than Nexi.

Proud Partner of 1,200+ ISOs Across the US

At Nexi, we recognize that our partners’ success is a measure of our own success. That’s why we focus so much on collaboration and respect throughout every single step of the partnership process. 

From our best-in-class team to clearly worded partnership agreements to funding merchants directly and more, our unique approach to relationships ensures a superior funding experience for ISOs and their merchants alike.

Put another way? With Nexi on your side, you and your small business customers can expect to have the best funding experience ever.

7 Compelling Reasons to Partner With Nexi

Lightening-fast commissions. The ability to fund all sectors and states. Relationships built on respect, trust, and transparency. And much, much more.

Learn why Nexi is fast becoming one of the most sought-after ISO/broker partners in the alternative financing industry!

Tailored programs for small business

Fast. Flexible. Focused on helping small businesses grow over the long term. Seeking accessible, secure, smartly designed financing to further propel your customers’ businesses? From revenue-based financing to invoice factoring and more, our exclusive programs are tailored to give merchants the support they need for success.

Funding for ANY sector—in ANY state

Many alternative lenders only finance specific sectors, avoiding those seen as more “risky.” At Nexi, we’re different. In fact, there’s no limit to the industries we work with—nor the states we serve nationwide. We are proud to offer flexible funding to contractors, trucking companies, legal firms, and more—even those located in California, Virginia, and Nevada.

Partnerships built on respect and transparency

ISOs put a lot of time, money, and hard work into earning business. We get it—and we respect it. So you’ll never find us skipping over you as the middleman, trying to broker deals, or cold calling your customers without your involvement. We pride ourselves on transparency and trust—and will ensure you are part of the process every step of the way.

No bait-and-switch tactics

We don’t believe in playing games with our broker partners. Instead, we do all the necessary underwriting work at the beginning to ensure you get a concrete offer from the start—no headache-inducing surprises—just honest, reliable funding. With Nexi, you can trust that your original offer will be the same when it’s disbursement time.

Reliably fast commission payments—always

You don’t have to be a marathon runner when you partner with Nexi—because you’ll never need to chase us down for commissions! We aim to pay within 24 hours of funding. Plus, we offer an attractive commission structure with competitive rates and rewards for high-volume sales. Our process is easy, stress-free—and ensures you’re compensated as you should be.

Next-level individualized attention

It pays to have a partner willing to go the extra mile for you—and that’s what Nexi is all about. All approvals come with a highly skilled internal underwriter, readily available to assist with any transaction questions or adjustments. Just send a quick email to your underwriter for a near-real-time response. We’re here for you when you need us!

Real-time online access to status updates

Looking for real-time updates on pending funds? Simply log on to Nexi’s secure stipulations portal for ISO/brokers. This ultra-useful and easy-to-use tool eliminates the hassle of making endless phone calls and waiting days for an answer—so you can apply your time and energy to other important matters. (What will you do with all this newfound freedom?)

Let’s Work Together

At Nexi, we’re always looking to work with and build new relationships with brokers and ISOs. 

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