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Definitely Not Your Average Lender

Meet Nexi—the new standard of excellence in financing for small businesses.

At Nexi, we understand that ambitious small business owners are constantly looking towards the future to evolve and expand. Yet, many struggle in the present to secure the capital they need to realize their dreams. Overlooked and under-banked, often the future doesn’t look so bright for these enterprising ventures.

That’s where we come in. Nexi believes in the unique brilliance of small businesses. That’s why, every single day, we are proud to provide fast, flexible funding to countless industries across the entire United States.

Nexi is more than just a short-term, transactional financing provider. We look beyond the horizon, asking, “What’s next?” so small businesses can think ahead too. By building relationships and getting to know merchants’ specific funding needs, we provide customized support that empowers businesses to achieve their goals in the long term.

What’s more, as a company dedicated to supporting ongoing growth and opportunity, Nexi actively refuses to be average. This determination sets us apart from other non-traditional funders, putting us at the cutting edge of small business success.

An Alternative Funder With a Unique Approach to Financing

Put simply, we’re a different kind of funder. And different is good. Learn why more and more brokers and small businesses continue flocking to Nexi:


We’re not just about the numbers

Our approach to financing is unique, fast, and reliable with a nurturing and supportive focus. We don’t just think about numbers and percentages and factor-rate returns. Instead, we aim to foster long-term relationships with brokers and small business owners, enabling them to thrive and flourish with every transaction.


Accessible financing for everyone, everywhere

Unlike some funders, we don’t show favoritism when it comes to industries or geographic locations. We proudly provide quality financing to small businesses of all types—even in states that some lenders have abandoned. We do it at near-lightning speed, with most approvals occurring within 24 hours. We empower merchants to quickly take control of their finances and confidently grow their operations.


Intelligent professionals who “get” small business

Our team of best-in-class underwriters and account managers have unparalleled knowledge and expertise to analyze and understand businesses and industries of all types. As industry veterans in commercial financing, we call upon decades of experience to ensure confidence and trust in every relationship we form. 


Responsible financing is at our core

At Nexi, we appreciate the responsibility of being a funder in the small business space. That’s why we adamantly reject predatory selling and shady back-door tactics. It’s also crucial that we not put anyone in financial hardship or cause a business to fail. Taking these matters seriously is how we stay true to our values as a company.

“I don’t want to see anyone lose their business due to lack of capital. Nexi helps small business owners all over the U.S. solve their financial problems.”

—Lawrence Pross | Founder and CEO, Nexi